Marthas Dance Classes and Marthas Plus Classes in Amsterdam!

The Marthas Dance Classes (one-hour lessons) begin on Monday 5 September 2022, and the Marthas Dance Plus Classes (longer than one-hour lessons) begin on Saturday 3 September 2022! Haven’t signed up yet? You can do it right now!

Beginning from the first week of September, free trial lessons are available for everyone again!

Marthas Dance Class

1-hour lessons

Children can follow PopTheatreMusicalDance™ (PTMD), Hip-hop and singing lessons. Apart from PTMD, adults can also choose Hip-hop, Tap, Modern, Marthas Energie Training, Latin solo and singing lessons. To our youngest pupils of 3-5 years, we offer General Dance and Musical Development (ADMV) classes.

Marthas Plus Classes

2 or 3-hour lessons

Do you want to train more intensively and are you curious whether our Preparational education course would fit you? The Marthas Plus Classes suit these purposes very well. In Amsterdam, the following lesson packages are available:

  • Marthas Dance Plus Class
    Pop Theater Musical Dans (PTMD), DAZ (Dance, Acting & Singing), Ballet
    (2-hour lessons for primary school groups 3&4, 3-hour lessons beginning from group 5)
  • Marthas Musical Plus Class
    PTMD, Singing, Acting
    (3-hour lessons beginning from primary school group 5)
  • Marthas Hip-hop Plus Class
    Hip-hop techniques, Choreography& Freestyle
    (2-hour lessons beginning from primary school group 6)

It’s also possible to expand the lesson package. Consult with the lesson schedule to see which lessons are available. This helps pupils develop their skills and see whether they could eventually enrol on a professional dancing education programme.

Dance styles explained

Sign up

You can sign up using the online registration form. Beginning from September 5, 2022, free trial lessons are available again!

After signing up, the first lesson always counts as the free trial lesson! If you choose to continue training after the free trial lesson, the following applies;

The payment will be collected automatically. You can choose a one-time payment of the entire sum, or pay in instalments. If you pay the entire sum at once, a discount applies. You sign up for the entire year, early cancellation is NOT possible.

If you choose not to continue training after the free trial lesson, you can cancel your subscription by mail.

10-lesson card

Do you want to dance but don’t have the opportunity to put a weekly lesson in your schedule? Then the 10-lesson card is for you! (for adults only)


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