Tuition fees, course costs, travel expenses, and purchasing dance shoes and dancewear are just a couple of examples of additional expenses needed to help develop your talent at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts. That applies equally to recreational lessons, preparational, secondary vocational, and higher education. Additionally, secondary vocational education pupils and higher education students take part international projects and study trips as a part of their curriculum, and that incurs extra costs. All these expenses are connected to preparing pupils and students to enter the professional field and develop their carreers.

However, not everybody can afford covering these expenses by themselves

Every talent can excel if the environment is motivating and sufficient resources are accessible

The regular education funding is sometimes insufficient to help talent excel. Fortunately, there is a number of other possible support sources. You can find all necessary information on the websites of different funds that offer this support. Click on different logos below to review available opportunities.

LMIPA as an intermediary of Youth Culture Fund (Jongeren Cultuur Fonds, JCF)

Type of compensation
The fund reimburses the cost of the course (excluding short courses and workshops) up to a maximum of € 450 per year for one child. For applications submitted after November 1st, the fund applies a deduction of € 45 per month.

How it works: 
Register for the course you want to follow at www.luciamarthas.nland request funding afterwards. There are multiple ways you could do it:

If you receive the grant, you won’t have to pay LMIPA if it’s larger than the cost of the course (see the sum of the grant in the confirmation from JCF, with a maximum of € 450 per year for one child). The fund pays LMIPA directly. If the cost of the course is higher than the grant, you would need to pay the rest to LMIPA. It can be done with an automatic one-time payment, or in 10 instalments (you would have to negotiate the arrangements for it).