An education institute for every talented dancer, actor and singer!

Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts (LMIPA) is an educational institute for talented people. It focuses on the three pillars of the performing arts: dancing, acting and singing.

We offer three education paths: higher education (Hbo), secondary vocational education (Mbo), and preparational education. We offer our Hbo programmes under the banner of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. In cooperation with Noorderpoort College, we provide the Dance leader/Dancer Mbo programme. We also have a large preparational education department, where children beginning from primary school group 3 take dance, acting and singing lessons. Preparational education is also the place where we scout for new talent.

Lucia Marthas

LMIPA was founded by Lucia Marthas in 1983. It began as a small private ballet school with just one studio in a former apartment building on Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. From the very beginning, LMIPA has always chosen its own unique path. LMIPA is an institute taking centre stage in the professional field and society in general. Talent is what matters to us. In short, we are the place:

“Where talent excels”


The Lucia Marthas Institute for performing arts strives to be:

  • accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-cultural background
  • affordable for all participants, including families that are less well off
  • beneficial both for students and pupils who plan to continue studies or work within the performing arts field, and for those who do not.

Education philosophy

LMIPA has chosen to divide the curriculum into steps rather than years. All the steps together form a staircase. This approach allows for a fully integrated continuous learning path, beginning from the first step of the preparational education all the way to a Master’s programme as seen in the image below.

Structure of LMIPA

Get an insight into the organizational structure of LMIPA:


Our secondary vocational education (Mbo) and higher education (Hbo) programmes are offered in collaboration with the Noorderpoort College and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen respectively. The preparational education programmes are associated with our Marthas Institute for Performing Arts Foundation (MIPA). See the most recent documents connected to MIPA below.

Marthas Talent Foundation

Every talent can excel in a motivating environment with sufficient resources. Regular education funding sometimes offers too little space for excellence, which is why the Marthas Talent Foundation raises funds and accepts donations to support pupils and students. It provides financial support for individual talents and specific educational projects that help talent excel.

Our Alumni

Take a look at what our alumni have been up to since graduation!