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Higher education (Hbo) costs

For following our Hbo programme, you would pay an annual tuition fee. The sum is determined by the government on a yearly basis.

Apart from the tuition fee, there are extra costs of about €300 every academic year for study materials, such as textbooks and dancewear

Secondary vocational education (Mbo) costs

There is no tuition fee associated with the Mbo programme for pupils under 18. However, we do ask all pupils for a yearly contribution of about €275 for study materials, such as books and dancewear.

From the age of 18, there is a tuition fee, the sum of which is determined yearly.

Preparational education costs

Our mission is to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-cultural background. For families that are less well-off, we collaborate with the funds below to provide help and support.

Youth Culture Fund (Amsterdam, Jongeren Cultuur Fonds)
Youth Culture Fund (Jeugdcultuurfonds)
Youth Sports Fund (Jeugdsportfonds)
Tuition Fee Foundation (Stichting Leergeld)
Opportunities for all children (Kansen voor alle kinderen)

Different funds can be available to you depending on the municipality you live in. Contact your municipality for more information.

Marthas Talent Foundation

If you have made an application to the funds listed above, but it has not been (fully) granted, there are also opportunities offered by the Marthas Talent Foundation.