Preparational education The Hague

Secondary Education

  • VbbDH (after-school upper secondary preparational education in The Hague)
    In this programme, pupils attend 5 to 8 hours worth of dance lessons at LMIPA.


An audition is required to be admitted to one of the preparational programmes. There is only one audition round. During this audition round, you would take classes in several disciplines, including Pop Theatre Musical Dance (PTMD™), Ballet and Singing. Additionally, you will take an athletic test. The auditions can also be concluded with a medical examination.


Klaverstraat 7, 2565 BT The Hague

Auditions 2023

From February to April 2023, the auditions for our preparational programmes, and Hbo and Mbo take place.Click here to see all audition dates or register for auditions using the button below.

Open days 2023

January 27 2023 – Preparational education in Rotterdam
January 28 2023 – Preparational education in The Hague
January 29 2023 – Hbo, Mbo and Preparational education in Amsterdam
February 12 2023 – Hbo, Mbo and Preparational education in Groningen