Hbo Bachelor Dance, Dance Teacher and Associate Degree Dance

Education programmes

LMIPA offers the Hbo-Bachelor Dance, Hbo-Bachelor Dance Teacher, and Hbo Associate Degree programmes in collaboration with Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. These programmes train students for future work as performing artists and dance teachers.

  • Hbo Bachelor Dance (4 years)
    This programme prepares students for work in the national and international professional field of performing arts, particularly dance, musical and musical theatre.
  • Hbo Bachelor Dance Teacher (4 years)
    This programme prepares students for teaching within the performing arts.
  • Hbo Associate Degree Dance (2 years)
    This programme aims at talented individuals who want to develop further and expand their potential professional field. It also offers students who have been studying performing arts from a young age an opportunity to obtain a higher education (Hbo) diploma and a clear perspective on the Bachelor’s programmes.


To be admitted to the Hbo Bachelor Dance, Dance Teacher and Hbo Associate Degree Dance programmes, you would need to have one of the following diplomas: secondary vocational education (Mbo level 4), general secondary education (Havo), pre-university education (Vwo), or equivalent diploma. Prospective students also have to audition. The audition consists of three rounds. If prospective students are selected in each of the three rounds, they can be admitted to higher education programmes.

During each audition round, prospective students take classes in several disciplines, including Pop Theatre Musical Dance (PTMD™), Urban, Ballet and Singing. Their athletic level is also tested. During the third round, an intake interview takes place. Prospective students also have to write a letter of motivation explaining their academic and professional aspirations (the letter should be no longer than one standard A4 sheet). The auditions are concluded with a medical examination.

Auditions 2023

The auditions for Hbo and Mbo year 2023-2024 are rounded. Registration is no longer possible. From september 2023 the registrationforms voor 2024-2025 will be online.

Open days 2023

January 27, 2023 – Preparational education in Rotterdam
January 28, 2023 – Preparational education in The Hague
January 29, 2023 – Hbo, Mbo and Preparational education in Amsterdam
February 12, 2023 – Hbo, Mbo and Preparational education in Groningen


Internships are an integral part of all LMIPA education programmes. Doing an internship brings students in close contact with the professional field. In addition, during internships, they can acquire valuable contacts that can become useful later on in their career.