Why singing lessons?

Nothing is as fun and relaxing as singing together. In these lessons, you would learn how to use your voice and develop an ear for music.

Have you always wanted to sing?
Join the Marthas Musical Plus Class at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts!

Marthas Musical Plus Class

Apart from the regular 1-hour lessons, we offer the Marthas Plus Class lesson packages, such as the Marthas Musical Plus Class.

This package includes three lesson hours a week (beginning from primary school group 5 up to secondary school class 6). These are PTMD, Ballet, Acting, and Singing lessons.

The Plus Classes are for children and teenagers who want to commit to dance more, or who consider following our Preparational education programme. (Please note: you are only accepted to our Preparational education programme if you successfully pass the audition)

Check the schedule and sign up!

Check the schedule for times and locations and sign up for lessons in Amsterdam or Groningen!