General Dance and Musical Development (ADMV)

What is ADMV?

ADMV stands for General Dance and Musical Development. It’s the first form of dance lessons offered at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts to our youngest pupils (3-5 years old).

How do children learn to dance in ADMV classes?

ADMV lessons always have a certain topic, within which our youngest pupils learn the basics of music and dance. How does music sound? Do you hear the time signature? Can we clap, jump and stomp along with the rhythm? Or should we move gracefully and calmly instead? Children learn how pleasant it is to move and dance to different genres of music in an imaginative way.

When do ADMV lessons take place?

At Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts, ADMV lessons are taught on Wednesday mornings, afternoons, and Saturdays.

Check the schedule and sign up!

Check the schedule for times and locations and sign up for lessons in Amsterdam or Groningen!